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Turn-Key Medicare DME Supplier Program


This program includes documents that assist your company in becoming a Durable Medical Equipment (DMEPOS) supplier in Medicare.  Medicare will reimburse for many DME Supplies, such as back braces, to:  1) reduce pain by limiting joint mobility; 2) facilitate healing following an injury surgical procedure of the spine or related soft tissue; or 3) or support weak spinal muscles or deformities of the spine.  Many Medicare patients have significant permanent degeneration in their spine, disc herniation’s, degenerative scoliosis, antalgic posture, spondylolisthesis, and spinal surgery.  These patients would greatly benefit from a lumbar/sacral back brace.

Medicare has set a fee schedule and they will reimburse DME suppliers $1000, or more, for lumbo-sacral supports when prescribed by an MD or DO.  I have put together all of the forms, checklist and reimbursement spreadsheet for all durable medical equipment that Medicare covers.

This Program Includes:

  1. DME Application with video instruction
  2. Required Patient Logs
  3. EFT Agreement
  4. DME Required Standards
  5. Medicare Fee Schedule
  6. Approved DME Supplier List From Medicare
  7. Patient Financial Agreements
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How to Become A DME Supplier in Medicare
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DME Program Overview


How To Complete The 855s Application


How To Complete The CMS-588 (EFT)


How To Complete The CMS-460


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