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Professional Services of Dr. John Schmidt

WARNING…It is not advisable to speak to an auditor or investigator, of any type, without speaking to an attorney first. Tell the investigator that you do not give interviews without first speaking to your attorney.

Expert Witness During Indictment And Pre-Conviction

In the event that you are indicted or convicted of a health care related crime (i.e. Health Care Fraud, Insurance Fraud, Tax Evasion) Dr. Schmidt is available as an expert witness for you and your legal team. With his personal experience and wealth of knowledge, Dr. Schmidt is a highly sought after expert that you want – and need – on your side. Dr. Schmidt is a Doctor of Chiropractic with over 26 years of clinical experience as well as being an expert in medical coding and professional regulations. During a trial, it is imperative that you have someone who is an expert in both of these areas of expertise.

Expert Witness During An Audit Or Investigation

Insurance companies have Special Investigation Units / Divisions, called SIU or SID units, which audit and investigate health care providers for alleged fraud and abuse. These investigations can lead to demands from the insurance for repayment of money already paid to a provider. Dr. Schmidt has worked on many cases defensing providers of physical medicine services. His knowledge and experience often help to undercut the position of the insurance companies that has helped many providers avoid paying any money back to insurance companies.

Onsite Office Consultation (Includes Compliance Program)

Dr. Schmidt is available for a one day onsite office consultation to evaluate the services that are rendered and billed in your office; review patient files for accurate coding and documentation; interview staff and help implement a compliance program in your office.

Using technology such as GoToMeeting, FaceTime and Skype, Dr. Schmidt can also do a videoconference office consultation with you and your staff. This is an efficient way to have Dr. Schmidt “see” your office without actually being on the premises. Patient files can be reviewed online. This service typically takes 4 to 6 hours of consulting.

Hourly Phone/Video Consultation

Consult with Dr. Schmidt over the phone or on a virtual videoconference to discuss your statistics and business practices for an hour or more. This is an excellent starting point for anyone that wants to get a better idea of where they stand regarding issues relating to coding, documentation and compliance. This is a “must” for all doctors who want to know.
“Its Better To Know Me And Not Need Me Than To Need Me And Not Know Me…”

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