ABN Form

Medicare Deductible For 2018 And The New ABN

The Part B Medicare deductible for 2018 is $183. After the deductible is met, patients pay 20% of the Medicare approved amount for covered services that are medically necessary. Manipulation of the spine is the ...
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Co-payment and co-insurance difference

Co-payment vs. Co-insurance

As we head into 2018, yearly deductibles will be reset. It is important to understand the terms co-payment and co-insurance. Co-payment is the fixed amount that a person pays each visit, typically after the deductible ...
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Are You Really In Good Hands With Allstate?

Perhaps not if you get hit by one of their insured drivers. Read the book From Good Hands To Boxing Gloves by David Berardinelli, Esq. Beginning in 1995, Allstate redesigned the way that they process claims ...
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