Perhaps not if you get hit by one of their insured drivers.

Read the book From Good Hands To Boxing Gloves by David Berardinelli, Esq. Beginning in 1995, Allstate redesigned the way that they process claims to increase their financial gains. They accomplish this by decreasing the amount that is paid in claims. They employ a “zero-sum game”. Documents show that they want to win which means others must lose. This includes claimants, lawyers and doctors. As a result, they rake in billions of dollars in profit each year. Same can be said for Progressive and GEICO.

This is why I have created a seminar called Coding, Compliance and Documentation in Personal Injury. Not only am I Doctor of Chiropractic with 30 years of experience, I am also a former licensed insurance adjuster.

Most doctors UNDER treat and UNDER diagnose. I know what you NEED to know to regarding proper diagnosis, treatment and documentation to get the maximum settlement value on your PI cases.

I will also teach you how to negotiate with attorneys to get maximum reimbursement on your claims.

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